Bonjour, welcome to Supercreative!

My name is Ben, and I'm here to serve you on your journey to become super creative. Sit back, put your seatbelts on and let's fly together! I started Supercreative in 2020 for my mom. My mom is a freelance designer, and I’ve been building tools and ideas to help her earn a living from her creative work. Supercreative has been growing since! We’re based in Paris and we now collaborate with talented people all over the world. Our goal is to help you build an outstanding portfolio, consistently add creative work to it and let it bring money to you from client requests and side projects. You can learn more about us on our intro video and with our monthly newsletter. Thank you for flying with us. Bisous.

Frequent questions

Can we collaborate?
Yes. We collaborate with brands, artists and hackers to build tools we're proud of. Send us an email with your project idea. 
Can I hire you to design something? 
No, but we can do a 2h consulting call or we're happy to refer to you someone talented.
What is your refund policy?
For digital products, no refunds. For physical products, contact us by email.
Does Supercreative store my credit card information? 
We use Stripe, a third-party platform, to process and manage payments. 
What if I need help with one of your products? 
We're always available by email and on Twitter to help if you have any issue.

Become super creative

Ideas to double your creative output

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1. I just don’t have ideas

It all starts with an idea. But our mind goes blank, we lack imagination, so we wait for inspiration to strike. We shouldn't wait, creativity can be orchestrated. By noticing, capturing and remixing ideas systematically, we can generate new ideas infinitely.

2. I have ideas but I'm not creating

We're lazy, we don't have time, we lose interest. We never finish anything. But we can create consistently when we have an objective, accountability and deadlines. No, your next creation will not be a hit, so just focus on quantity. And slowly, creating will become a habit.

3. I'm creating but not publishing

When we're brave enough to finally share our work, we feel judged, out of place, an annoyance. This vulnerability keeps us from posting anything. But we have to overcome this fear, publish, get useful feedback, refine our vibe, and keep our head on the work, because that's how we grow.

4. I'm publishing but not earning

Being paid for our creative work is exhilarating, but seems impossible at first. Pricing? Taxes? Talking to clients? Diversifying our income? Yuck, help me out! But money allows us to keep creating. And as we grow as professionals, we have to learn how to balance the time creating for others and time creating for ourselves.

5. I'm earning but I'm not consistent

It seems to be working well for us: we create, we earn a living, and yet, deep inside us, we're stressed. Not enough time to think, to keep up with our schedule, to pursue all our projects. Is our passion fading? Ultimately, we have to master our time and focus on the initial conditions of our self-sustaining creative system.

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Personal recommendations for you

Click on the box that fits you best

1. I just don't have ideas

Generate countless ideas and work on the right one.
Get ideas

2. I have ideas but I’m not creating

Surpass the creative block, get over the difficulty of starting.
Start creating

3. I’m creating but I'm not publishing

Finish what you start and share your work to the world.
Share work

4. I’m publishing but I'm not earning

Get client or product income to create more.
Earn a living

5. I’m earning but I'm not consistent

Build a system to continue creating for years to come.
Build a system

Based in Paris, France, Supercreative designs digital tools and videos to help freelancers make a living from their ideas. For any question, please head over to the FAQ. For collaborations and media requests, contact us.