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No, but we can do a 2h consulting call or we're happy to refer to you someone talented.
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We use Stripe, a third-party platform, to process and manage payments. 
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Ben Issen

Lazy Nomad: failing to become productive as a digital nomad

Traveling to get new ideas and work less

I escaped the lockdowns and travelled to Mexico 

I joined three digital nomads in an Airbnb.

We decided we would work hard, get into the flow.

With discipline, deadlines, waking up early. 

My plan was to publish one article a week. 

But as I worked, the sun kept calling me

“Get out, gringo, experience Mexico” 

So I listened and I got out... you know? 

I went to parties. 

I discovered new places

I met the souls behind pretty faces

And listened to their strange stories

And, just like that, I missed my first deadline to publish an article

And then I missed my second new deadline

And then my third new new deadline

And I just fell into a downward spiral

I mean, I don’t have a boss, you know?

So I have to be hard on myself, basic self-discipline

I work on my own hours, I try to get into the flow

I can’t just not work. I have to be workin’

I need to work. I need to be publishing. 

I could blame it on anything, really

Maybe I just deserved a time to relax and do nothing

What is 3 months in the scale of a lifetime anyways? 

They say being bored is good for creativity 

Maybe this is the best time for me to be creative

To just be creative, and diverge endlessly.

So after 6 weeks of missed deadlines, 

I made peace with myself: I wouldn’t try to be productive 

I would just feed my head with great books and conversations. 

No deadline, no goal, no stress. 

Trying yoga, deleting social media

Just diverging, exploring, contemplating.

Today is my flight back to Paris. 

I’m publishing this article in the airplane.

I’m actually happy to come back home. 

Because I realize now that our life swings, like a pendulum, 

between exploring ideas and then converging to a few ones. 

And though I can’t say I’ve been productive in these 3 months, 

I’ve definitely been creative.

I have millions of ideas to film and projects to build. 

And I can’t wait to go back to a routine 

To lock myself into my room again and just create

To publish or perish. 

And after a while, I will probably want to escape again. 

Come back to Mexico. 

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Apr 26, 2022
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Ben Issen

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