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Monthly challenges: The power of positive peer pressure

What a countdown and a clear objective can do for your motivation

Ben Issen

I’ve been procrastinating for far too long

Trying to publish my creative art

I made up excuses, I lost interest, I moved on

I was missing the spark to start.

The problem isn’t technology, it is psychology.

We need a countdown, a clear objective, accountability.

So we sign up to creative challenges.

And without noticing, our mind just changes.

We start publishing consistently

We start to draw, think, script, shoot, edit, publish.

And once we publish, we start again, repeatedly.

We put ourselves out there and we feel accomplished.

It is here, right here, in this creative flow,

Where we feel most alive

Colors blur together,  sounds fade out, lights glow,

Deep into our work, the world is ours.

But reality knocks back, we miss a deadline.

Our new creation flops, we feel let down

Moments of doubt, we’ve lost our crown

The challenge is hard, we better resign

But others struggle too, we’re not alone.

Pushing forward, we’re back into the zone

We turn to others, we help with feedback

We’re in this together, we just stop the slack.

And day by day we get closer

Til’ the countdown is finally over

We put our ass through the grind

And we look back to what’s behind

It is in the heat of the challenge

Where I make peace with my mind

I might not have published my best work

But I tried to be the best version of myself

One challenge at a time

Create every day.

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Apr 28, 2022
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Ben Issen

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