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Content is an ugly word.

Ben Issen

Content is an ugly word.

“Consuming content”. Disgusting.

Content is a word without a soul, it’s made to be thrown away.

To be a “content creator” is soulless, it’s feeding the feed, contributing to the noise.

It’s SEO input. It’s keyword-optimized BS.

Content is a disposable, a commodity, fast food.

Terminology matters.

How we name things changes how we see them.

Last year, I switched from saying “I make content” to say “I make creations”.

Creation is a word with a soul.

It is work with statement, with perspective, with art. It is distinctive. It is good cuisine.

Creation is memorable, it is worth living for.

Sometimes, something magic happens.

A creation begins to grow, gets shared widely and remixed.

It takes a life of its own.

At this moment, the creation becomes a creature.

It goes beyond ourselves.

Making creatures is the end goal.

Not content.

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Time to create
Time to share
Last edit: 
Jul 15, 2021
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Marie-Laure Issenmann
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Ben Issen

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