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My name is Ben, and I'm here to serve you on your journey to become super creative. Sit back, put your seatbelts on and let's fly together! I started Supercreative in 2020 for my mom. My mom is a freelance designer, and I’ve been building tools and ideas to help her earn a living from her creative work. Supercreative has been growing since! We’re based in Paris and we now collaborate with talented people all over the world. Our goal is to help you build an outstanding portfolio, consistently add creative work to it and let it bring money to you from client requests and side projects. You can learn more about us on our intro video and with our monthly newsletter. Thank you for flying with us. Bisous.

Frequent questions

Can we collaborate?
Yes. We collaborate with brands, artists and hackers to build tools we're proud of. Send us an email with your project idea. 
Can I hire you to design something? 
No, but we can do a 2h consulting call or we're happy to refer to you someone talented.
What is your refund policy?
For digital products, no refunds. For physical products, contact us by email.
Does Supercreative store my credit card information? 
We use Stripe, a third-party platform, to process and manage payments. 
What if I need help with one of your products? 
We're always available by email and on Twitter to help if you have any issue.

Ben Issen

Dangerous Dreams: Lessons From Building a Solo Business

I started Supercreative right out of college.

I believed that creating my own company would make me fail and learn faster than if I joined someone else’s.

I was right about this idea, but wrong about all the other ones.

Here are the major fallacies I held while building Supercreative over the last 3 years:

It’s only now, with enough time, that I have the clarity to see how misleading all these dreams are. Right, plenty of good things to learn from these games. But I realize how hard it is to think critically about the popular startup/creator/indie-hacker narratives when you’re in them. It’s the ideal of the free soul to dream about what own’s one game might look like.

The evolution of Supercreative’s homepage in the last 3 years (wayback machine here). It’s a bit of a comedy and a tragedy to see all these iterations…

I always go back to the same conclusion:

Seeing Supercreative’s audience grow is nice.

Seeing the revenue numbers grow is nice.

But going back to the work I’ve produced, and being proud of it, is by far my favorite motivator. It makes me profoundly content to think I’ve tried my hardest to build something iconic, with craftsmanship, putting myself completely into my creations.

Doing good work and feeling useful, even if they’re just stupid tiny web things.

I sometimes feel guilty of having created a dangerous dream too. My articles about becoming a “hyper freelancer” and creating “tiny products” are as misleading as the other ones. Hyper freelancing can only be temporary, and tiny products need more work to turn into businesses. I hope you do not resent me from trying to develop and share my own dream, even if it’s misleading. I am learning.

— Ben

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Aug 6, 2022
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Ben Stokes
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Ben Issen

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