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Creator metrics: Input, Output, Outcome

How can creatives track their progress?

Ben Issen

How can creators measure their progress?

I stopped counting subscribers, it didn't define my success.  

Because it's an OUTCOME metric, out of my control.

Which would make our stoic friends have their eyes roll.  

Instead, I track how many creations I publish.

Last month that was 3 videos which I now cherish.

This is an OUTPUT metric, in my direct control.

Which I can easily track as a measurable goal.

Finally, to stay inspired and improve my creations,

I track INPUTS: books and movies feeding my imagination.

Alas, creators should be more like artists.

Creating for its own sake, forgetting metrics.  

Just create every day, dismiss amounts.

Because those who love do not count.

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Jul 15, 2021
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Ben Issen

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