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All the freelance documents you need, as Notion templates.

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    Save hundreds of hours with 20 templates.

  • Set up in minutes and easily customize to your clients' brand.

  • Export to PDF or collaborate directly inside Notion.

  • Available in 4 languages.


Record a transaction with your client, specify what is owed to you.


Convince potential clients to work with you.


Give your client an estimated price for your services, based on deliverables specified.

Project timeline

Share all the steps required to finish the project.

Service Level Agreement

Set responsibilities, expected quality and availabilities, in plain language.

Client onboarding guide

Help your client understand how you work.


Define the scope of the project with your client.

Payments summary

Summarize all invoices sent, due and paid, along with payment details.

New client questionnaire

Ask these questions to better understand your client's needs.

Scope of work

Specify what will be included in the project, all the deliverables.

and 10 other templates...

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Final files collections

Concepts presentation

Project tracker

Meeting notes

Design style guide



End of project questionnaire

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"I don't want to bother with docs every time I get a new client"

This is one of the best kept secrets among my freelance friends.

It has saved them hundreds of hours, helped close more deals and made their clients happier. Their work is more organized, documented, thoughtful.

Yes. They use Notion to collaborate with their clients.

My friends Jonno, Alex and Valentin use Notion as more than just a nice note taking app. A Notion page, when shared with others, acts as a CRM, a project management tool, a fully-fledged client portal. Instead of sending multiple word documents and pdfs over email, they just send a Notion link.

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Credits: Linkedin sales solution

Here's how it goes.

Client Baguette wants a new website and sends a proposal request to Jonno. After a short video call, Jonno sends a Notion page link. It includes:

  • a grid of his latest portfolio work
  • a page about how he works
  • notes from their first meeting
  • a list of expected deliverables
  • a quote and what the next steps are

The page is customized to the client's brand. The emojis make the client feel like home 🏠. With a short embedded Loom video, Jonno presents his proposal and shares his excitement. Client Baguette has received 3 other proposals. But this one stands out. It's clear, personal, professional. They agree to work with Jonno.

And though it seems Jonno has worked several hours on this proposal, it took him 5 freaking minutes. The proposal is part of a "new client” template he built in Notion. Talk about time savings.

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Easy to setup, easy to duplicate. Boom. You’ve just saved hours. You’re welcome.

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Client work is constantly reinventing the wheel, starting over for every new client. Updating your portfolio with relevant work, designing a new proposal, creating a new dropbox... Notion makes this onboarding a breeze. The relief of not having to think about the low-level stuff feels good.

Supercreative's goal is to give creatives superpowers. Well, this is it. This is one hell of a superpower right here. Open Notion, create a database, add a template, add a client, and share the link.

Great Notion templates will save you hundreds of hours, but setting them up takes a very long time. High upfront cost, high future reward.

Inspired by my designer friends, I built my own Notion templates and have been using them with my clients for a few months now. Recently, I realized it could help hundreds of other freelancers. And this is why I'm launching the Notion Pack.

I made this. My name is Ben. Hello.

It’s 2022. Another productivity tool. But this one is really good, right?
I use Notion with all my design clients.

Here’s the deal: I spent weeks on this templates pack to save you a few hours. You can thank me by buying the pack. This way I can sort of make a living with the internet. It’ll make my mom proud.

I’m not a lawyer. I’ve made these templates writing some parts, getting inspiration online and remixing some of my friends’ own docs. The templates provided here are not legally enforceable. Contracts like NDAs or SLAs depend on each country and state. They are not bulletproof, and you should rely on them as reference only. Review your contracts with your attorney.
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Over 20 templates

Easily customizable

Export to PDF or share

Multiple languages

Notion Pack


  • 20 Notion templates
  • Full setup guide
  • Out-of-the-box workspace
  • Access to all future updates
  • Available in Français 🇫🇷, Español 🇪🇸 and Deutsche 🇩🇪
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5/5 stars
"Great job on the Pack, very excited about it"
— Temirlan from Optemization
"I gasped when I saw this. Thank you!"
— Alahna Sam Sy
"Thank you so much! Just used some of the templates with a new client. They love it."
— Thib
"Merci merci merci merci merci merci. Milles merci."
— Sunny Marie
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Yes. In the order confirmation email, you'll be able to generate an invoice automatically.
Do you have a refund policy?
No. Due to its digital nature, we can't refund the pack if you buy it.
Can I share the templates to my friends?
No. You can’t share the pack with others outside of your organization. You can talk about it though. If you really like it and want to spread the word, I'm open to affiliation deals.
Is this really worth
I’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing these documents so you don’t have to. $49 likely represents one or two hours of your time billing a client. If this pack saves you more than an hour (I'm confident it will), this is a positive return on investment.
What if I have other questions?
Send me a DM on Twitter. Or you can send me an email at I’m here for you.

All the freelance documents you need, as Notion templates.

Save hundreds of hours with out-of-the-box templates.
Set up in minutes and easily customize to your clients' brand.
Export to PDF or collaborate directly inside Notion.
Available in your language.