Supercreative Vision

Creativity and productivity are opposites. One requires time, the other minimizes it. One can't be measured, the other needs to be. One creates to-do lists, the other checks them off. The opposition between creativity and productivity is the fundamental tension all professional creatives face.

Now, creatives are becoming freelancers. When responsibility is shifted to the individual, it is one's own actions that determine success or failure: to deliver on time, to get the bills paid or to manage multiple clients. As freelancers, as entrepreneurs of ourselves, being productive is a requirement, not an option. Yet creativity requires time. Time off from work, from screens and from distractions.

But great change in the world happens when creatives think new ideas and get them done. Bringing creativity and productivity together - helping creative individuals be more productive - unlocks a vast positive change in the world. This is why Supercreative exists.

The right tools, processes and resources give superpowers. This website shares these superpowers to freelancers, creators and entrepreneurs so they can become super creative.