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Supercreative is an invite-only platform for freelance designers to collaborate with qualified clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supercreative?

Supercreative is a platform to find and collaborate with the best freelance designers. 

How is Supercreative different?

Supercreative selects the best designers only. Only 4% of designers who apply on Supercreative are accepted. They are designers with years of experience and are celebrated for their unique style. 

Transparency: From beginning to end, clients collaborate with designers on our platform. Clients can see their designs live, chat with their supercreatives, organize their projects and pay their bills directly from the platform. No more endless email back and forth and finalfinalfinalrevision.psd file sharing. Everything is here, accessible online. 

Simplicity and trust: The Supercreative platform handles everything related to administrative tasks so that designers can focus on designing and clients on their projects coming to life. Supercreative’s support team is always here to advise and help. We succeed only when you do. 

How does Supercreative work?

To hire and collaborate with a designer, send him or her your project description on their profile. When they accept your project, you will receive access to your dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to chat and talk with the designer and pay the down payment. You can see the design live on the design tab. When you’re happy with the result, you will validate the end of the project and pay the balance. You can finally leave feedback to your supercreative and download your finished files. 

What is a supercreative?

We call supercreatives the talented designers that are part of our community. They are people who have years of experience designing and have unique design styles. Designers can only become Supercreatives if they were invited by members of our community and succeeded the portfolio review and interview.

Where do the supercreatives come from?

Talent is everywhere, and so are our supercreatives. We have supercreatives living in France, the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom. You will likely find a supercreative who both matches your design taste and speaks your language. But if that’s not the case, let us know. We’re rapidly expanding.

How are designers chosen by Supercreative?

To become a supercreative, designers have to be invited by current supercreatives. Their portfolios are then reviewed and we interview them thoroughly. We value designer’s unique style and experience. Around 4% of designers who apply to become supercreatives are accepted.

How do I search for a supercreative?

You can search for a designer that you like among the dozens of designs displayed on the platform. You can also find designers directly on the homepage. 

How to contact a supercreative?

To get in touch with a supercreative, send your project description on their profile page. This supercreative will then be alerted and accept or reject your request. If your description is incomplete, we’ll ask you to give more details. If your project is accepted, you can start chatting with your supercreative with your new dashboard login. If you have specific questions before starting a project, you can let us know in the live chat or by email.

What is the minimum budget for a design project?

Though there are currently no set minimum, design projects are rarely accepted below 1000€.

What are the criteria for a supercreative to accept my project or not?

A supercreative chooses which projects to accept or not depending on their interest of your project, your budget, your required timeline and their available time. But supercreatives reserve the right to accept or reject your project. If your project is not accepted, we will help you find another supercreative that matches your needs.

When will I know when my project is accepted?

Within 24 hours.

How do I create an account?

You have to select the supercreative of your choice and propose him your design project, once it has been accepted by the supercreative, you will receive your account ID via email. You will then be able to connect to your dashboard on the platform.

What are the ways I can communicate with my supercreative?

Chat with your supercreative directly from your dashboard chat. If you’re not online, messages from your supercreative will be forwarded to your email address. You can also talk to the designer with the “Session” tab on your project, a handy video-conference option.

How can I share my design ideas with the supercreative?

When describing your project at first, you will have the opportunity to attach files such as inspiration ideas or a moodboard. You can also share files and images from your dashboard chat.

Can I meet my supercreative in real life?

Of course, just agree on a day with your designer.

Can I work with multiple supercreatives simultaneously?

Yes. For bigger projects that require a broad set of skills, we encourage our clients to hire multiple supercreatives that will collaborate together.

Who decides on the final price of the project?

Final project prices are set as an estimated time required for the project times the daily rate of the supercreative. This estimation is reviewed by yourself and the project starts when you accept to pay a down payment of this estimated price.

How do I pay? And when?

At the start of the project, you will have to pay a down payment (usually 50%) of the amount agreed with your supercreative, either through a wire transfer or credit card. The rest will be paid at the end of the project when you validate the end of the project.

What are the payment methods you accept?

Payments to Supercreative are accepted through Credit Card (via Stripe) or PayPal (with all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Wire transfers are accepted. By going through Supercreative you are protected and designers can be assured they will get paid.

If I have more design changes after the project is done, do I have to pay?

Yes, once a project is done extra work will be charged accordingly by the supercreative on a daily rate.

Does Supercreative take a commission?

Yes, a commission of 15%.

Is the invoice from Supercreative or from the designer?

The invoice comes from us, we pay our designers directly afterward.

Where can I see my invoices?

You can see your invoice at any time via the invoice button on the dashboard, you will also receive the invoice by email.

How are copyrights or royalties handled?

It is up to the supercreative to decide if they want to charge extra for copyrights. Copyrights are strictly interpreted, anything that is not expressly given away can remain in the designer’s hands.

What if I want to cancel my project?

In the event of an early termination, clients will be charged according to the amount of work already provided by the designer. If that work is below the amount paid in the down payment, you will receive the difference. If the supercreative contests your decision, we will try to find common ground based on your exchanges. Supercreative is dead serious about the wellbeing of the client/designer relationship. If anything concerns you, our support team will work hard to solve any issues you might encounter.

How can I contact you? What if I have any further questions?

If you have any question or doubt, please contact us by email or via the live chat. We love talking to users.