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A free template to learn how to no-code in Webflow

22 step-by-step exercises to build web apps, receive payments, integrate comments, add a video chat, etc..
Full version coming in early 2022. 

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So meta... Learn
Webflow in Webflow
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Build powerful apps without writing code

Exercise 9
Sell digital assets easily
Exercise 2
Send emails to Mailchimp
Exercise 14
Integrate a video chat
Exercise 6
See how users navigate
Exercise 7
Create a community space
Exercise 1
Send form answer to databases
Exercise 8
Add 3D scenes and objects
Exercise 5
Translate your website instantly
Exercise 11
Integrate a chatbot
Exercise 18
Build user profiles
Exercise 3
Add interactive maps
Exercise 10
Add a comment section
Glue it all in Webflow
Everything you need to get started with Webflow. I love it.
Shubham Sharma
This is awesome. Looking forward to explore.
Ran Segall
Supercreative's done it again. A new step forward for Webflow.
Théo Roland
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Get into no-code, read the manifesto

Read the full manifesto

Glue entrepreneurs

Are smart enough not to reinvent the wheel.
Build fast, listen to feedback and iterate.
Why create from scratch when you can glue?
They bet on no-code, and are empowered by tools like Webflow.
Glue entrepreneurs plug, play and remix.

Want comments? Add Disqus.
A feedback button? Add Canny.
Community? Circle.
So many lego blocks to play with.
No more starting from scratch.
But there's a caveat: if you can't code, you can't play.

This is the way of software in the last 70 years:
mainframe computers split into hardware and

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So yeah, Learnflow is a series of interactive exercises to learn advanced Webflow features, inside Webflow. Pretty meta, right?

How to use Learnflow?

You can find all the exercises as individual pages when you duplicate the project. Then follow along each step, just learn by doing.

Who created this?

Learnflow is a Supercreative tool inspired by the Flexbox game. We are not related to Webflow. But damn, we love Webflow. 

How can I help? 

Tweet about Learnflow, share the word! If you have an exercise idea, contact us.

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