Webflow Bootcamp

Build your creative project by mastering Webflow. Super Webflow is the 5-week no-code bootcamp for creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Project based

Flexible schedule

Small cohort



Projects you'll be able to build

Create something in Webflow at the boundaries of your imagination
Webflow project community

A membership website

Build SuperClub: a private community to share learning resources among educators.

A digital store

Build SuperSell: an Ecommerce store to sell your old presentation templates.

A curated database

Build SuperSmart: a repository of your favorite movie reviews with affiliate links.
Webflow project radio

A web radio

Build SuperVibe: a map and player of great songs from all over the world.
Webflow project question generator

A question generator

Build SuperPrompt: a website to train for job interviews with random questions.

A job board

Build SuperJobs: a live list of new jobs that have positive impact on the world. 

A multistep quote calculator

Build SuperGrow: an instant quote generator for a fake marketing agency.

Who this bootcamp is for

And what you can do to prepare for it

Some experience

The Super Webflow Bootcamp is not designed for true beginners. You can get the fundamentals in the Webflow micro-course. All students should already have published a website before.


Some time

To get the most out of the bootcamp, we expect everyone to be here during the 50 minutes workshops every week and at the hackathon at the end. The more efforts you put in, the more value you get out.


Plenty of curiosity

This bootcamp is made to shift your perception of what Webflow can do. You'll need an open mindset. The easiest way to get curious is to view everything as an experiment or a game. Let's go and explore!

You want to build your ideas but you don't have time to learn how to code.

This is the tension relieved by Webflow. Here's what's happening: every software feature, from messaging to user management, is now being provided as a block to easily plug to. Want comments? Add Disqus. A feedback button? Add Canny. Community? Circle. 
No more starting from scratch. This growing no-code ecosystem is the essence of true combinatorial innovation - the type of legoblock vision the World Wide Web was originally built on.

Webflow blocks

In this unique and transformational bootcamp, we're going to use Webflow to leverage these boundless creative possibilities. We're going to use Webflow to glue it all together into useful products, without the help of a developer or technical cofounder. Removing dependence creates freedom. And isn't this really really really exciting? Yes it is.

No-code tools

But Webflow is a professional tool with a steep learning curve. There is a gap between our ideas and our skills. At first sight, Webflow makes us feel incompetent. We're hopeless by our inability to build our ideas. The Super Webflow Bootcamp will give you the confidence and independence to build and share your unique website with the world. This is the gap that we're bridging. 
And that is powerful.

Benjamin Issenmann profile picture

I designed this bootcamp. My name is Ben. Being Webflow's first intern, I got the chance to use Webflow from the early days, creating, launching and selling hundreds of websites. Six months ago, as I launched Supercreative, I started teaching Webflow to freelancers and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Now I'm Webflow's Paris Ambassador.
I like Webflow, they like me. It's nice.

What drives me is giving creatives superpowers. And I think the best way to do this is through education.
But online learning is terrible - though a better model is possible (as I explained in a TEDx talk, bachelor thesis and building my previous startup).
The Super Webflow Bootcamp is the outcome of my research and experience building great learning experiences.

You don't just watch videos of me explaining things to you.
You build things alongside me and other people in your cohort. People who you'll meet, learn from and teach. You might already recognize some people. We’re all are passionate, smart doers.

Output community people

This course is unlike any other: you begin with an idea and finish with a website. The focus is on the output.
*Everything* in the bootcamp is designed to push you to build your ideas. A mentor is here to encourage you, the course content is designed to push you, the community is at the service of the output. 
In fact, this idea has been taken to the extreme: Supercreative's student community is called OUTPUT. It's a community-driven creative process.

Incompetent to independent

Instead of learning by yourself, you tap into OUTPUT at any stage of your creative process to help you be more creative and productive. We're stronger together.

See you soon.

Your cher ami,
Ben Issenmann

What you’ll learn

Bootcamp breakdown
“Ben has helped me build my ideas for a few months now. He knows his stuff! Highly recommend his bootcamp”
Marie Poulin
Notion Master
Week 1

Make it neat

We start by reinforcing the basics, to make sure your designs are consistent, responsive and robust. With the right process and frameworks, you’ll be ready to move into more advanced territory. We’re going to build this the right way by getting over your Webflow frustrations.

What you'll learn:

  • Best practices to name, organize and re-use elements in Webflow.

  • Mastering grids and flexboxes to consistently position your content.

  • How to set up & version your website project to experiment confidently.

  • The right medium for the right goal: using Whimsical, Notion and Figma to formalize your process.

  • Iterating faster with shortcuts, screenshots, inspect tools and building your inspiration bank.

What you'll be able to build:

A personal website built using a design system, using the example of SuperMe to showcase our projects to the world.

Weekly events:

  • Welcome to SWB event (60 minutes)
  • Workshop and Q&A session (50 minutes)
  • Ongoing Focus sessions
Week 2

Make it work

Webflow provides powerful blocks by default that we can leverage to build useful websites. Combining customized components, from dynamic collections to sliders and tabs, we can recreate fully functional prototypes and apps. Things get exciting.

What you'll learn:

  • From blog post to database: using Webflow's CMS as a database with Zapier and forms

  • Customizing components creatively: sliders, tabs and lightboxes.

  • How to search, filter and categorize your dynamic content

  • Prototyping web apps fast to validate your idea

What you'll be able to build:

A curated online database with the example of SuperSmart: share your favorite books' reviews with affiliate links.

A question generator with the example of SuperPrompt: train for job interviews with random questions.

Weekly events:

  • Workshop and Q&A session (50 minutes)
  • Ongoing Focus sessions
Week 3

Make it plug

We acquire superpowers by plugging Webflow to other tools. A learning community in Webflow, check. A multistep quote calculator, check.
Learn by doing at its best. We can now create websites at the boundaries of our imagination.

What you'll learn:

  • The big picture of what's possible with available blocks to plug to

  • The power of iFrames and custom code: learning the 20% to unlock 80% of the possibilities.

  • How to set up webhooks to put your website on auto-pilot.

  • Integrating outside data with Firebase, Jetboost and Memberstack.

What you'll be able to build:

A membership website with the example of SuperClub: private community to share learning resources among educators.

A multistep calculator with the example of SuperGrow: instant quote generator for marketing services.

Weekly events:

  • Workshop and Q&A session (50 minutes)
  • Special guest interview (60 minutes)
  • Ongoing Focus sessions
Week 4

Make it wow

Webflow provides all the animation tools to delight visitors. The website you're on right now is a testimonial to this idea, right? In this module, we're going to master Webflow classic and advanced animations to breathe life into our websites.

What you'll learn:

  • Using the right interaction mode for the any type of animation

  • Mastering advanced interactions 2.0

  • Animating custom parts with Lottie files

  • The design principles for beautiful and effective web design

What you'll be able to build:

A job board with the example of SuperJobs: a curation of environment-positive job posts.

A web radio with the example of SuperVibe: a map of good songs from across the world.

Weekly events:

  • Break
Week 5

Make it rain

We'll then start selling products, services, files and ideas with Webflow Ecommerce. Make it rain, baby! Within the perspective of the hyper freelance model, we'll build a tiny product in the final week's hackathon.

What you'll learn:

  • Setting Webflow Ecommerce in under 60 minutes to sell anything

  • How to plug in Gumroad and Shopify to access more Ecommerce features.

  • Optimizing conversion with analytics and A/B testing

  • How to configure Webflow settings to easily sharing and selling products

What you'll be able to build:

A digital store with the example of SuperSell: to sell all your presentation templates

An automated call scheduler with the example of SuperMedic: booking appointments with doctors in your area.

Weekly events:

  • Workshop and Q&A session (50 minutes)
  • Special guest interview (60 minutes)
  • Ongoing Focus sessions
Wrapping it up

Just make it

The final module ties all of the learnings together to be applied in the bootcamp's final hackathon. We'll gather together in the hackathon demo and welcome everyone to OUTPUT, Supercreative's community-powered creative process.

What you'll learn:

  • Habits to keep using Webflow everyday to maintain and grow your project

  • Creating a landing page machine to target long tail keywords or validate a product need

  • Discovering the concept of technical debt: when it is time to move away from Webflow and how to bridge the gap from no-code to code

  • A vision for the future. Meet the glue entrepreneur: when pareto principle is applied to value creation in the context of the API economy. Using Webflow to glue it all.

What you'll be able to build:

A landing page generator with the example of SuperShipper: unique targeted pages to sell shipping services to hundreds of locations.

Weekly events:

  • Bootcamp hackathon (2 days)
  • Graduation demo (90 minutes)

From singleplayer learning to multiplayer doing

Every student gets access to the OUTPUT community

Online courses are terrible because 1. they're lonely 2. they're passive. It's just you, your computer and your sheer willpower.
But learning and creating are the same. And they're both fundamentally social experiences.

I created OUTPUT to embody this concept of a "multiplayer" creative process. The community is structured in such a way that people become accountable, motivated and excited to create more work from the online courses they signed up to.

The goal is to use this community-powered creative process to double our creative output.

Read full idea
“This is brilliant. The next generation of young tech people will learn everything in Webflow. The bootcamp will help them.”
Hugo Amsellem

Creator Economist
“Your course looks awesome,
I guarantee it will be a good fit for a lot of designer folks. Super cool.”
Marie Poulin
Notion grand master
“You can count on Ben to learn  anything about web strategy and tactics. I’ve been a client, a student and now a fan.”
Stéphane Moriou
The feedback guy
“Consider me a SuperAdvocate - The content I'm already seeing is fantastic. Looking forward to meeting many more great folks”
Tyson Young
The creative guy
“Ben has helped me build my ideas in his last Webflow course. He knows his stuff! Thanks again Ben.”
Rosa Vilarasau
“Super excited to join the Super Webflow Bootcamp Winter 2021 cohort 🔥 I’ll be revamping my website.”
Lucas Didier
Your product guy

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Winter 2021

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Frequent questions

And short valuable answers

Do I need design experience?

No. Those with no experience will be encouraged to use UI kits, templates and remix to focus on shipping something.

When will the live events happen? What's the timezone?

Events will be held at 17:00 GMT+2. That's the morning for Americans, afternoon for Europeans and Africans and evening for Asians. The hackathon will be held during the last two days of the bootcamp.

What's the difference with Webflow University or another course?

Webflow University provides a useful collection of short tutorials about specific Webflow features. But it doesn't give the big picture of actually finishing anything in Webflow. In Super Webflow Bootcamp you finish with your website actually published. OUTPUT is here to help you create.

What is the time commitment?

You'll have the time to learn at your own pace. Most students have full-time jobs on the side. Like most experiences though: the more efforts you put in, the more value you get out. We encourage you to engage with the community every day. 

How long will I have access to the Bootcamp?

3 months. You'll both have access to the OUTPUT community and the bootcamp content for this time. OUTPUT then costs $10 a month.

What if I'm not happy with the bootcamp?

Give us a notice within 30 days of the bootcamp start and we'll refund you entirely. No question asked.

What if I have more questions?

You can chat with us or send us an email at

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