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Made in Webflow, of course

Make the web your
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Learn Webflow in June

A new course by Supercreative
Course manifest

What is this course about? 🌈

Webflow is a paradigm shift. Making websites has historically been reserved to the 0.1% who knew how to code. Now with Webflow, creatives can not only design beautiful websites, they can build them too, all by themselves. Not relying on developers saves weeks of works, lets creatives be more original and earn more.

But Webflow is a professional tool with a steep learning curve. Some discouraged souls turn to Squarespace or Shopify only to realize customizing them requires technical skills. Others turn to Wix or Wordpress but... aaargh they're so bad! Fortunately Webflow University provides a useful collection of shorts tutorials about specific Webflow features. But these short tutorials don't give the bigger picture of actually make a website.

Mastering Webflow is not enough to make great websitesOne needs to know about content strategy, design basics, SEO or automations. This course starts with Webflow, but covers the whole web development spectrum. This course provides a step-by-step approach to make websites more generally. If Webflow was to shut down tomorrow, you'd still be able to make great websites with another tool. 

In one month, I will guide you from beginning to end: you'll start with an idea and finish with a published website. This can be anything, from a portfolio to a company website, or even a prototype for a web app. Each week, we'll go from one topic to the next - from thinking about your website's strategy and its content - to actual publishing it online with an optimized SEO, analytics and more.

This is a course unlike any other. When working on your new website, you'll spend 80% of your time on your own: reading the guides I wrote, implementing the ideas on your website, watching case studies I've prepared, going through the course activities and just learning by doing. You'll spend the remaining 20% with me and the rest of the learning community. We'll have a Weekly Call on Thursdays and a Slack where you can ask any question you have. The Weekly Update on Wednesdays makes sure everyone is on track to actually publish a website by June 28th. 

By the end of the course, not only will you have your unique website online, you'll have the skills to build more websites in the future, build your ideas by yourself and potentially sell your web-design skills to clients. In short, you'll be more independent.

As an adept of Webflow (and a previous worker there), with over more than 2000 hours spent using the tool, I've made hundreds of websites over the years that have been viewed millions of times. And over time, I've honed an efficient system to make superb websites fast. I'm sharing this system in this course. With this course you'll acquire a new creative superpower. Can't wait for June to start!
See you soon,

Ben Issenmann


The course, week by week 💪

Week 1 

Conquer your website's strategy and content

Great websites start with great content. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of design tools, we'll spend the first week laying out a strategic plan. 

What you'll learn
  • What questions to ask ourselves before building high-converting websites

  • How to prepare and write purposeful website content

  • Where to get more materials, photos and videos for your website

  • How to structure a web page to increase conversion rates

  • How to think about the box model and responsive design intuitively

  • How to organize this content in wireframes to speed up the design process

  • How to prepare your own style sheet or design system to become super fast

Weekly output

A visual plan that captures your website’s architecture and content

Week 2 

Designing the website in Webflow

In a series of short activities, we'll use Webflow in various ways to practice our website layout, styling and animation skills. With these skills mastered, we'll be ready to implement the foundations for our website.

What you'll learn
  • How to use components and CSS layout options in Webflow to build responsive websites easily

  • Where to get templates and components to speed up the setup process

  • Best practices to name, organize and re-use elements in Webflow

  • How to use Webflow's interactions to delight your website's visitors

Weekly output

A private Webflow project with styling elements prepared along with a high-end mockup for your website

Week 3 

Making your website bullet-proof

After implementing our designs in Webflow, we'll set up the CMS to reach the full potential of the tool. We'll then optimize the technical aspects of our website to improve its performance. 

What you'll learn
  • How to use Webflow's CMS to grow your website

  • How to prepare assets to decrease website loading time

  • Best practices to boost SEO strategically, and tactically in Webflow

  • Best services to setup domain names, hosting and SSL

Weekly output

Your very own publicly available website, made in Webflow

Week 4 

Launch, track and improve your website

In the final week, we'll publish our website and share it online. For that purpose, we will integrate analytics software to be able to track our objectives. 

What you'll learn
  • How to add more languages to your websites with Weglot

  • How to add Google Analytics, Tags manager and Hotjar to track website usage

  • How to automate your website's forms and CMS with Zapier

  • Where to promote your website to increase search results

Weekly output

Stats, heatmaps and recordings to improve your website

The tempo

How will it go?


New learning materials: Simple, short and useful explanations of web design concepts. 


New inspiration and case study published: Learn from successful examples.


Weekly update deadline: explain your objectives, blockers and status.


Group call: assist a live session with other students to review concepts and ask questions.


Feedback Friday: get feedback on your progress by Ben. 

Benjamin Issenmann
Benjamin draw on my face Issenmann

Meet your coach 🥊

Ben has been building websites for 5 years. He launched a design agency for youtubers at 16. He then became Webflow's first intern and launched another web design agency. Ben is passionate about design, education and technology. Check out some of his latest designs below.

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Target audience

Who is this for? 

  • You're interested in building full websites, app prototypes or ecommerce for your projects

  • You're a freelancer or entrepreneur

  • You want to be independent and not have to rely on an external developer

  • You speak and understand English 🇺🇸 or French 🇫🇷

Course requirements

What do I need?

  • Dedicate at least 6 hours a week

  • Assist to all weekly calls

  • No technical requirements

  • Have a computer and stable internet connection

  • Have a positive attitude, you can do it 💪


Who enrolled already? 👀

Mélanie Perraud
Mélanie Perraud
Freelance designer

Mélanie wants to use Webflow to become independent: to go from design to product by herself. With this superpower, she wants to become a digital nomad.

LinkedIn profile
Thomas Tavernier
Thibault Guével
Artistic Director

Thibault creates visual brands for leading companies. He will be building Flow's website along with Thomas.

LinkedIn profile
Thomas Tavernier
Thomas Tavernier
Design Engineer Flow

Thomas will be moving his agency's website from Wordpress to Webflow. He'll then apply his new skills for his events management firm.

LinkedIn profile
Pilar Arenaza
Pilar Arenaza
Visual designer

Pilar is an amazing designer who will be using Webflow to be more independent and offer more services to her clients.

LinkedIn profile
David Djian
David Djian
CEO Client 48

With Client 48, David is going to create a content hub for financial consultants to build an audience, get new clients and launch his own product. 

LinkedIn profile
Rosa Vilarasau
Rosa Vilarasau
Partner NOEM

Rosa is passionate about creativity. She will be using Webflow to create her own digital space for her new house.

LinkedIn profile
Marie-Laure Issenmann
ML Issenmann
Freelance designer

Marie-Laure is going to rebuild her portfolio in Webflow to attract new clients and stand out from other portfolios.

LinkedIn profile
Stéphane Moriou
Stéphane Moriou
CEO MoreHuman

Stéphane is the feedback master. He will be building his new personal website. "Looking forward to be independent and build my ideas"

LinkedIn profile
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June 1st - 28th

Enrolment is closed
9 students only
Course content

What's included

Step by step Guide

Week over week breakthrough to design and implement superb websites.
Group call icon

Weekly group call

One hour calls, every week on Thursdays, to show and explain the best web development practices.
Master checklist icon

Master Checklist

A checklist template to use every time you publish a new website.
Toolbox icon

Tool box

List of all the online tools to create graphics, optimize your website and more.
Slack icon

Exclusive Slack

Join the private community to ask questions, share insights and learn together.
Template icon


Design, written and presentation templates to make websites faster and sell them to clients
Supercreative badge

Direct coaching

Sessions with Ben to review your strategy and website specific
Tshirt icon


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  • 4 group calls of one hour, once a week, to learn Webflow

  • Access to replays

  • Master checklist to launch Webflow websites

Enrolment is closed
Payment processed and secured by Stripe by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.
30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course.


  • 4 group calls of one hour, once a week, to learn Webflow

  • Access to replays

  • Master checklist to launch Webflow websites

  • Access to the community

  • Feedback on design and progress

  • Access to the pdf guide with resources, challenges and tutorials

Enrolment is closed
Payment processed and secured by Stripe by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.
30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course.


  • 4 group calls of one hour, once a week, to learn Webflow

  • Access to replays

  • Master checklist to launch Webflow websites

  • Access to the community

  • Feedback on design and progress

  • Access to the pdf guide with resources, challenges and tutorials

  • 6 x 45 minutes coaching calls with Ben

  • Swag delivered to your door

Enrolment is closed
Payment processed and secured by Stripe by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.
30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course.
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on your mind?

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts on Monday, June 1st and finishes 4 weeks later, on June 28th 2020. 

What's the difference between this course and Webflow University?

Webflow University is an amazing collection of small tutorials on specific Webflow features. This course takes a step back and guides you as you make websites from beginning to end. This course provides a step-by-step approach to make websites in general. It's a hands-on course, you'll learn by doing. This course also provides the resources to bootstrap faster. Finally, you'll be part of a small and hard working community of creatives who'll be learning with you.

How did you set the prices for this course? 

Having your website built by a freelance designer and developer costs around 4000€. The intention for this course is that with just one project, not only will you avoid paying that price, by billing the website to a client you can cover this course’s investment. 
The different price points reflect different needs: for those looking for extra help (Classic), those whose intention is to use Webflow professionally (Pro) and those who want my direct coaching as they learn (Premium).

Do I need any coding experience?

Not at all. You don't need to know anything about coding, HTML, CSS or Javascript.

What do I do if I need help?

As you'll go through the weeks, it is inevitable that you will face challenges. The weekly update on Wednesdays will make sure you're on track and you hit your objectives. When a simple Google search on a technical problem is not enough, the Slack will be the right place to figure out your problems together. For personal coaching, see the Premium course offer. 

Will I launch a successful website by the end of the course?

The concept for this course is to really guide you to a place where you have the capacity to turn your ideas into beautiful and functioning websites. So, although I can’t guarantee anyone’s success, that is absolutely the intended outcome!